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"Give Me Just FIVE MINUTES – And I'll Show You
How to Write a Movie Script AND Sell It to Hollywood

"As a professional scriptwriter, and having worked on independent films, I can highly recommend Movie in a Month. If you REALLY want to make it big in the scriptwriting, grab this course. FANTASTIC - A++++"

– C.A. Strange, Screenwriter
– Consultant on 'Displaced'

Dear Friend

It's the dream of every writer and I GUARANTEE it can become YOUR reality!

I'm James Lamberg – and over the past ten years, I've written (and ghost-written) thirty commercial screenplays for both the USA and UK markets.

I know the industry.

I know how tough many people SAY it can be but....

I also know how EASY it can be, when you get things right.

On this site, I've teamed up with two of my good friends – Mark Lewin and Steven Wanamaker – to produce something that will astound you.

It's a kit that enables you to write a WINNING SCREENPLAY – in just 28 DAYS. Or less!

(PS. Just in case you're unsure, a "screenplay" is just another name for a movie script. And as the author of the screenplay, you're known as a screenwriter. That's how I'll address you from this point onward!)


If You Ever Thought That Writing a Screenplay Was DIFFICULT
– Or Believed That Breaking Into Hollywood WAS TOUGH
Then You ABSOLUTELY MUST Read This First!

So, you want to write a SCREENPLAY, huh?

You've heard all of the warnings before.

It's TOUGH... Hollywood will EAT you ALIVE... You'll NEVER make it... You DON'T live in the right area... Screenplays require YEARS of work... Screenplay formatting is TOO MYSTERIOUS... You don't have the right-sized PAPER in your area...


With warnings like this, who would bother starting?

Heck – I've even seen screenwriting books that recommend you DON'T START!


As the author of over thirty screenplays, I want to let you in on a little secret. Hollywood is a tough place – BUT so long as you follow a few certain rules, it is NOWHERE NEAR as difficult or as cut-throat as some screenwriters would have you believe!

Many screenwriters out there know this already but, they sure DON'T want YOU to know that!

That's why a MASSIVE 80% of movies are written by a TINY 20% of screenwriters. They know the secrets. They keep doing what they've always done – and they keep achieving RESULTS.

They've realized the truth. WRITING MOVIES IS QUICK AND EASY!!

Just think about it. The vast majority of a movie script is dialogue. Writing dialogue HAS to be done quickly in order to feel natural.


The important part is plotting. And there are certain Hollywood rules for ensuring your plot will GRAB the audience – and keep them HOOKED. There are RULES for guaranteeing your screenplay is the correct LENGTH for a movie. And that you have just the RIGHT number of scenes.

These are RULES. They're SET IN STONE.

And yet the VAST MAJORITY of screenwriters have absolutely NO idea about the rules – and spend their lives writing LOSER scripts that get filed straight under "T" – FOR TRASH.

Writing screenplays is NOT a magical process that only works when the Muse hits you. If it was – I'd be out of a job as a screenwriter.


And I want to SHARE this process with you...


"If you've ever even CONSIDERED writing your own screenplay, then you MUST purchase this kit. It'll show you exactly how to write your own blockbuster movie in UNDER a month. I love the course - and have almost finished my first script!"

– Dr Suzanne Harris, author


These FIVE WORDS Changed My Writing Career!
Here's What SYLVESTER STALLONE Unveiled in London -
And Why You REALLY SHOULD Follow His Advice!

There's ONE PERSON that really influenced my career.

It's not Einstein. It's not Shakespeare. It's not Joseph Campbell. It's not James Cameron. And it's not Steven Spielberg.


In March 1992, I saw Sylvester Stallone during the launch of Planet Hollywood in London.

I was working with a radio station at the time and managed to spend thirty minutes watching him being interviewed. And it changed my life.


After chatting about Planet Hollywood for a while (this guy is a real publicist!), he was asked about his screenwriting career.

"Let's talk about Rocky," the interviewer said, shuffling in closer. "The film grossed over $250 million – and turned you into an overnight superstar. What a script!"

The interviewer paused nervously and waited for a response.

You know what he said?

He laughed. Then added: "And you know what? It took me three days to write. I locked myself in my room after watching the Ali fight and just wrote it!"

The interviewer was stunned. Genuinely. He didn't know what to say.

After probably the longest ten seconds of his career, he repeated: "You wrote it – in just three days? Screenplays take months, even years...!"

He gave a friendly sneer and stared deep: "Listen. Everyone thinks that. That's the problem. Writing it quickly was the key to my success!"

I sat there, watching this unfold - completely taken aback.

He's an unlikely candidate for changing lives. But he changed mine. Because he made me realize that writing screenplays and breaking into Hollywood is ONLY difficult – if you THINK it is!


(PS. The whole story behind how Sylvester wrote his screenplay in three days later hit the headlines. The fact even appears in his Wikipedia entry.)

"A fantastic and complete introduction to screenwriting. Please use my name on your testimonials page, I'm proud to have sat this course. I've already had three of my scripts produced by (local companies) - and I'm probably the most famous screenwriter in Florida's own Hollywood!"

– Kelly Schweter, West Park Road, Hollywood, FL

Here's WHY I Decided to Share My SECRETS of SCREENWRITING – And The THREE INDUSTRY INSIDERS That Are About to Help You Write YOUR Movie Script – IN JUST 28 DAYS. OR LESS!!

After meeting "Sly," I moved into writing screenplays.

And I discovered how EASY it was.

I became a professional screenwriter and screenplay ghost-writer, and put my name behind dozens of commercial scripts.
YES – I've even written for some of the BIG NAMES, and had
my work shown ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

(I'm bound by confidentiality for certain clients. But I'm the pen behind "Mindworks" and "Time".)

And you know something?

I love my work. Because I know the SECRETS to screenplay writing, words just SOAK from my fingers straight into my keyboard – like butter melting into toast.

It's EASY.

Last year, I was approached by the Global Writing Network.

Just in case you don't know, the Global Writing Network help to produce a series of award-winning writing courses. They're the company behind "Write ANY Book in 28 Days or Less!" by Nick Daws, and also produce community sites such as Writers FM and My Writers Circle.

Through a mutual friend, they'd discovered that I was the man behind a major period mystery drama that was about to receive BIG attention in the UK.

I received a call from one of their course directors. He wanted me to share my secrets. Like Sylvester shared HIS secret.

I realized this would be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to help fellow writers and share my insights.


I began collating all of my industry secrets. I pieced together ALL the information any new screenwriter needed to make a break in the industry.

I even contacted my good friends Steven Wanamaker (a HUGELY successful screenwriter, working mainly with the States) and UK screenplay writer Mark Lewin (you've probably seen his name on some of the best writing courses around, and on the Wordmeister site).

I worked with BOTH of them in order to create the most HONEST, DOWN TO EARTH COURSE on writing the BEST screenplay possible – IN JUST 28 DAYS.

I wanted to take the MYTH out of Hollywood – and inject PURE FACTS.

The truth is that it's NOT difficult – and you CAN achieve your dreams.


One month after we were commissioned, I finished creating the book.

We decided to christen the course "Movie in a Month" – and we've NOW OFFICIALLY released the ENTIRE PACKAGE in digital format.

It contains some of the most AMAZING, MYTH-BLOWING SCREENWRITING SECRETS EVER REVEALED. It tells you the TRUTH – and it shows you EXACTLY how to get your screenplay onto the SCREEN in RECORD TIME.

(It also contains a few other SPECIAL bonuses I'll tell you about in a minute!)

Interested? You'd BETTER be – hold onto your hats for this.......

"I've read a dozen books on screenwriting and always thought I knew what I was talking about. Boy, was I wrong. I've had previous scripts land on the rejection pile and now I realize why. After applying the techniques James teaches, and visiting some of his online resources, I've just blasted my script out to the world. And I've already received interested replies from 11 agents!!"

– Mart Dominic, Frederiksberg, DK 2000, Denmark

Here's a SNEAK PREVIEW of the SECRETS You'll Discover
Inside This EXCLUSIVE Course – "MOVIE IN A MONTH!"
IGNORE THESE & You May As Well FORGET Screenwriting!

So let me ask you a question...

Are YOU ready to begin experiencing HUGE success as a screenwriter?

Would YOU like to tap into over THIRTY YEARS of combined experience, from THREE prolific screenwriters – and discover how to attend the premiere of YOUR movie, in the QUICKEST TIME POSSIBLE??

Then you NEED "Movie in a Month."

As you read through this EXCLUSIVE 150+ page course, you'll learn MORE secrets than you've EVER READ in all those so-called "screenwriting" books.

This is TRUTH. This is RAW. This WILL make you a SUCCESS.


Inside my course, you'll discover:

The ONE MOVIE CONTRACT you can – and should – sign straight away!
Why the W.R.I.T.E. formula is absolutely CRITICAL to preparing your mind (and body!) for your new screenwriting project.
The SINGLE ITEM that all successful screenwriters have on them at all times - even (or perhaps especially!) at Hollywood parties
A SIMPLE EXERCISE which will enable to you to see, hear taste and feel any scene in your mind's eye, as if you were actually there!
The ONE SUBJECT to write about if you want to get cracking on your screenplay RIGHT NOW.
EXACTLY how much research you should do before starting your screenplay – and FOUR GREAT METHODS of cutting that work in half!
THREE Proven Methods to avoid procrastination, eliminate writer's block and get cracking on your screenplay TODAY!
The NINE DIFFERENT TYPES of character - and why it's VITAL that you understand which type yours fall into.
The FIVE BASIC "BITS" you need to know about all your characters.
The POWERFUL TECHNIQUE used by top screenwriters to turn their characters from a few scribbled notes into dynamic, believable entities. (This one will REALLY blow you away!)
FOUR WAYS to pit your characters against each other which will give you a plot automatically – WITHOUT you having to create one!


And you know something – that's not even ONE TENTH of what you'll discover inside the pages of "Movie in a Month!"


You'll also FIND OUT:

SEVEN SECRET STRATEGIES, used by one of Hollywood's hottest development studios and NEVER published elsewhere, to avoid ‘cardboard cut-outs' – and instead create characters that your audiences will believe in and identify with right away.
An EASY EXERCISE you can do to ensure your characters are properly developed BEFORE writing the rest of your screenplay - and EXACTLY what to do about it if they're not!
DISCOVER S.P.O.T. (Simple Plot Outlining Tool) – and HOW you can use it to create tension throughout your screenplay – without stifling your creativity!!
The QUICK and EASY CALCULATION for figuring out EXACTLY how long your movie will run on-screen. No more word counting!
The FOUR MAJOR TURNING POINTS that you MUST have in your story to keep viewers on the edge of their seats ... and EXACTLY WHICH PAGES you need to make sure they happen on!
TWENTY MASTER PLOTS that have been used by storytellers since time immemorial, and HOW to use them as a basis for your own original screenplay. (Even Joseph Campbell didn't figure these ones out!)

And the list STILL goes on. This course REVEALS EVERYTHING.

The ABSOLUTE TRUTH behind Hollywood – How to take your script, blast down the doors of the top studios, and have them BEGGING to produce your script!
The FIVE THINGS you need to know about your movie to come up with the all-important ELEVATOR PITCH!
FIVE CORE QUESTIONS you need to ask yourself before writing any scene.
The SEVEN STEP PLAN you need to follow to ensure that you have the first draft of your very own screenplay – IN JUST 28 DAYS, OR LESS!!
EIGHT THINGS You Should Consider before approaching an agent!
The FIVE ITEMS you MUST include in your QUERY LETTER! Over 99% of screenwriters get this WRONG. I'll show you the correct way – and EVEN give you a SAMPLE QUERY LETTER to customize!


I'll unveil EVERYTHING you need to know. And with the help of some of my closest industry friends, I'll literally GUARANTEE you'll get your screenplay published – just by following my advice.

"This guy speaks to you not as an authority, but as an equal. His ideas are REAL WORLD. Hollywood CAN be tough, but not when you follow the advice of James Lamberg. Please, put this on your testimonials page: Whatever you do, DON'T even THINK about writing your screenplay WITHOUT this course. It's CRUCIAL. NO QUESTION!"

– Tony Hall, Melz Place, Midland, TX, antho********

PLUS – There's Much MORE Inside This OUTSTANDING Course!
You'll ALSO Receive These FREE BONUS Guides to Screenwriting – AND an INSIDER DIRECTORY If You Buy IN !

When I was asked to share my secrets, I didn't just want to give 100%.

And I didn't want to give 110%.

... I WANTED TO GIVE 300%.

I desperately wanted to create the sort of course that I personally REALLY NEEDED when I joined the industry. I wanted someone to fill in the gaps between what Sylvester Stallone had told me that day in March.

I discovered those secrets myself after MANY hard years of work and practice.

That's why I contacted two of my good friends, Steven Wanamaker and Mark Lewin – both well-known screenwriters.

And I worked LONG and HARD with them to help produce the FOLLOWING extra bonus guides – which I've convinced the Global Writing Network to give away ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE...

But ONLY if you decide to purchase "Movie in a Month" in .


Here's what you'll receive, AT NO EXTRA COST:

ULTIMATE PLOTTING GUIDE: The Easy Way to Plot Your Modern Screenplay – Listen to the author of over twenty screenplays, Steven Wanamaker, discuss how to create a super-successful plot that EVERY agent will want to represent – and EVERY producer will want to buy RIGHT AWAY! Awesome 30 pages of reading.
FORMATTING Your Screenplay Like a PRO – Confused by screenplay formatting? Of course - it's CHAOS! Margin rules, characters in capitals, slug lines, establishing shots, special effects. How does it work? Mark Lewin unveils LITERALLY EVERYTHING you need to know – with this 20 page BONUS guide!
The Screenwriter's Guide to INDUSTRY JARGON – Do you know your Aperture from your Xenon? Speak English, man! Just print out this 75+ page guide from Mark Lewin - and NEVER feel at a loss AGAIN.

And that's STILL NOT ALL.

I'm ALSO giving away my PERSONAL "LITTLE BLACK BOOK" of MOVIE INDUSTRY CONTACTS to EVERYONE that purchases the course this month!


You'll receive over 150 pages CRAMMED with contact names, personal e-mail addresses, Web site addresses and MORE – PLUS details of the most reputable competitions you'll want to enter your screenplay into.

WIN one of these fifty competitions – and you're practically GUARANTEED a movie contract!

ALL of this insider information is yours. For good. When you decide to check out "Movie in a Month" – and discover ALL of these movie writing secrets for yourself!



"I've just finished writing AUTOBAHN and have already received interest. The tips about <secret> and <secret> were CRUCIAL. My agent told me afterward that's exactly what made my manuscript stand out. Yay!"

– Amber Holbrook, S.Gold, Wichita, KS, *******

Buy This Entire Package Before MIDNIGHT, TODAY and Receive FREE Screenplay Software & OVER 250 FREE SCREENPLAYS!!!

As part of our SPECIAL PROMOTION, we're giving away TWO SPECIAL BONUS GIFTS – at absolutely NO COST to you!

That's right...

Order BEFORE midnight, -- and you'll receive the following AWESOME bonuses within your package at NO EXTRA COST.


We'll send you a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE, unregistered copy of perhaps the world's most popular screenwriting software.

Most screenplay tools cost around $250 to purchase. You'll receive YOURS absolutely FREE of CHARGE – thanks to a special deal we've arranged with the publisher.

This tool will save you HOURS trying to format your script in a regular Word processor. It will automatically complete your scene descriptions for you – and even print out in the EXACT industry-recommended format.

Just install and use. It's EASY!

You'll NEVER need to purchase another screenplay writing tool again – EVER!


There's one SURE FIRE way to write WELL FORMATTED scripts with GREAT PLOTS...

Study the World's MOST SUCCESSFUL Screenplays – and LEARN!

I've managed to arrange for you to receive a STAGGERING 850+ of the highest grossing film scripts available ANYWHERE in the world TODAY!


Now YOU can have INSIDER ACCESS to the actual movie scripts submitted for films such as...

Ace Ventura
Alien, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
Analyze That – and Analyze This! (Seriously funny!)
American Beauty
Back to the Future
Basic Instinct (This one sold for $3 million ALL those years ago!)
Blade Runner
The Bodyguard
Beauty and the Beast (Discover how to write animated movies!)

... And that's just a SMALL SELECTION of the "A's" and "B's!"

Just read that number again: OVER 850 FINISHED, PERFECTED SCREENPLAYS. I'm talking movies that have raked in MILLIONS for the screenwriters. Now YOU can copy their secrets - and BLAST HOLLYWOOD.

You CAN'T buy this sort of collection ANYWHERE ELSE!

UPDATE: We're NOW bundling our exclusive 45-minute interview with master screenwriter, Syd Field, with every copy of our course!

He's the man that CNN calls the "guru of all screenwriters," and in our interview, he shares his little-known secrets for really making it BIG in the industry.

Syd chats about what genres REALLY sell to the studios, why you should be using our "plot points" system, and the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE that Syd sees in screenplays today. Avoid this one at ALL costs!



"I've spent YEARS of my LIFE in screenwriting classes, including the UCLA in Chicago. What did I learn? ZIPPO! And guess what? Two weeks after reading this course, I blasted through EVERYTHING and managed to get my screenplay sent out to the agents in your black book. This time next year... HOLLYWOOD!"

– Virginia Jackson, N.Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL, ******

And Have Your Screenplay FINISHED in Under a MONTH!

So, are you ready to write your screenplay in UNDER A MONTH – and have Hollywood agents FIGHTING to represent you?

This CAN and WILL happen to you – when you grab your copy of my course, "MOVIE IN A MONTH".


So let’s quickly review EXACTLY what you’ll get when you purchase the course:

ENTIRE "Movie in a Month" Course – Uncover the secrets of writing your Hollywood blockbuster in just 28 days – or LESS! Covers EVERYTHING you need to know – blasting the MYTHS and uncovering the SECRETS the OTHER screenwriters DON'T want you to know!
BONUS #1: The ULTIMATE PLOTTING GUIDE – Read Steven Wanamaker's advice on creating a super-successful plot that LA agents will love – and your movie viewers will remember for all time!
BONUS #2: FORMATTING Your Screenplay Like a PRO – Don't let "INT", "EXT" and strange margins confuse you. Mark Lewin unveils ALL the formatting secrets you need to know – MINUS all the confusing language.
BONUS #3: The Screenwriter's Guide to INDUSTRY JARGON – The movie industry is filled with weird terms designed to scare aware newbie screenwriters. Mark Lewin decodes EVERYTHING for you.
BONUS #4: My PERSONAL BLACK BOOK of WORLDWIDE CONTACTS – Over 170 pages CRAMMED with personal names, e-mail addresses and Web site links of the BEST people in the business. PLUS: The screenplay competitions you WILL want to enter! (If it's NOT on this list, it's probably a SCAM!) ... PLUS: Advice on submitting your screenplay to an agent AND a full sample query letter!
SUPER BONUS #1: Screenplay Writing SOFTWARE! – Save HOURS and ensure your screenplay sticks to industry standards! You'll receive a FULL VERSION of this popular screenplay writing software that does ALL the hard work for you! Worth at LEAST $250.
SUPER BONUS #2: Over 850 FULL MOVIE SCRIPTS!! – This is one AWESOME bonus. You'll receive hundreds of FULL scripts that went on to gross MILLIONS at the box office. Study them – and replicate their success. It's EASY – and WHAT a FANTASTIC FREEBIE! At just $1 a script, the collection is still worth $887!
JUST ADDED - FREE MEGA BONUS: Interview with Syd Field – Listen to an interview with the man that CNN calls the "Guru of All Screenwriters." Discover how to make it big in Hollywood, as Syd Field chats shares his INSIDE SECRETS for breaking into the industry. AMAZING!

I'm sure you'll agree that this is one FANTASTIC PACKAGE.

In fact, if you're looking to break into screenwriting, I can confidently say that THIS IS THE ONLY COURSE YOU'LL EVER NEED TO PURCHASE.

Literally EVERYTHING you need to get started is included inside this kit.

Even if you know absolutely NOTHING about screenwriting, this course will turn you from "EH?" to EXPERT – in literally HOURS.

It'll shatter the INDUSTRY MYTHS, and unveil the SCREENWRITING SECRETS that no-one else will tell you.

I'll share with you my YEARS of EXPERIENCE – and the experience of my friends, Steven Wanamaker and Mark Lewin. You'll ALSO receive my PERSONAL BLACK BOOK of CONTACTS – and all of those FANTASTIC bonuses.


So – HOW MUCH will the ENTIRE "Movie in a Month" course cost?

Over the past few months, we've been retailing full copies of the course (minus the SUPER bonuses) for the full retail price of $397.


That's the price of just a couple of nights in a flea-ridden motel. For what could ultimately lead to MILLIONS in ROYALTIES!

IN FACT – I challenge you to find
ONE decent screenwriter willing
to give you JUST AN HOUR
of his time for that amount!

Here, you're getting
to get started – for ONE TINY PRICE.

Want to get started – RIGHT AWAY?

Access details to the entire course are delivered immediately via email and will work on ANY computer – Windows, Mac, Linux, anything.

Take advantage NOW – purchase YOUR copy by clicking on THIS button NOW:

Yes! Send me the ENTIRE course for just $97!
We accept all major credit cards.
Course costs $97.

Click on the link – AND TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW!

"No fake promises, that's what I loved about this guide. You REALLY CAN make it BIG in Hollywood, with this information. Just follow the simple instructions from James. I did, and my first screenplay ONE THIRD OF NOTHING has been optioned already. Thank you for making my DREAMS come true, James!"

– Rich Lewington, Choudrant, LA, mrmaj********

Check Out My 100% NO-RISK Customer Guarantee!

I want you to know that I *REALLY* believe in "Movie in a Month."

If I didn't, I wouldn't have written it. I wouldn't have accepted when the Global Writing Network approached me with the idea. I wouldn't have risked my own name on the concept.

That's why I've managed to convince the PUBLISHERS into giving the course a 100% "NO RISK" GUARANTEE!

Grab your copy of the course. TRY IT OUT FOR A WHOLE YEAR!

Write your screenplay in under a month – and GET SUBMITTING!

I absolutely GUARANTEE that you'll secure your first movie contract within the year.

If you don't, simply return the course within 12 months – and we'll refund every cent you paid (minus our original S&H).

There are NO difficult questions asked – and there's absolutely NO risk to you!

I'm IMPRESSED at the publisher's CONFIDENCE in this course – AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

So if you're INTERESTED in grabbing your copy of the course – and turning yourself into a SCREENPLAY LEGEND – then just click the link below, and grab YOUR COPY – TODAY!!

Yes! Send me the ENTIRE course for just $97!
We accept all major credit cards.
Course costs $97.
"James Lamberg is a tireless writer. This course is pure motivational gold! I've already written two scripts which have been optioned by a well-known London production group. I used a couple of Lamberg's marketing tips to get them noticed. I've already earned more from these two simple scripts than I've earned from five years of boring freelance writing!!"

– Andrew Casler, Rougman Hill, Bury St Edmonds, UK

"That's all from me..."

Screenwriting can be confusing – and incredibly difficult.

Or it can be easy – and thoroughly enjoyable.

I'd like to ask you now to make a choice. It may be the last chance you get to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you would LIKE to write a screenplay – and enjoy the FAME, the MONEY, the SUCCESS of being a successful screenwriter...

If you'd LIKE to attend your own movie premiere within a YEAR... If you'd LIKE to discover the REAL secrets of writing your screenplay in under a month... If you'd LIKE to discover the TRUTH behind Hollywood...

If you'd LIKE the guidance of over 30 years combined knowledge of the industry... If you'd LIKE to discover the CHEAT'S GUIDE to getting LA agents BEGGING for your next script...

If you'd LIKE to finally be RECOGNIZED for your creative genius – and get your movie on the big screen in absolute RECORD time – then you NEED this course.

This is your LAST opportunity. Click that button:

Movie in a Month
Yes! Send me the ENTIRE course for just $97!
We accept all major credit cards.
Book is for illustrative purposes only. Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase
The bundled screenwriting software requires Microsoft Windows.

I really want to thank you for visiting today – and I'd like to wish you and your screenwriting endeavors all the very best.

My best wishes,

James Lamberg
James Lamberg, Screenwriter
President, Movie in a
Part of the Global Writing Network


PS. You WON'T be blasted with "special offer" pop-ups when you close this window. Once you close this window, the offer has gone. You've passed your chance to change. Take advantage NOW and remember, You will NOT find this course available ANYWHERE ELSE!click here to grab your copy of the course!

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