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Movie in a Month - Testimonials

Wonder if the Movie in a Month kit really really works? Check out these exciting testimonials from , a small sampling of the many our publishing group receives every single month:

“As a professional movie script consultant, this is the sort of course I just WISH I had before I began my career. It would've made the whole process so much easier! If you REALLY want to make it big in the movies, grab this course. FANTASTIC - A+++!”

– Carol Anne Strange
– Screenwriter, "Displaced" - and more
- Consultant to Skylandian Pictures
“I've published over 40 books, yet never managed to write a screenplay. With this package, I'm already well on my way. Great resources and HIGHLY recommended to any budding screenwriter out there. Don't just think about it: BUY IT!”

Nick Daws, Best-Selling Author,

“If you've ever even CONSIDERED writing your own screenplay, then you MUST purchase this kit. It'll show you exactly how to write your own blockbuster movie in UNDER a month. I love the course - and have almost finished my first script!”

– Dr Suzanne Harris

“This isn't a question, just wanted to thank you for the Movie in a Month course, which I received last week. It contains much more than I thought. The 850+ screenplays are INVALUABLE. Thank you, James!”

– Malcolm Turner, Sherbourne St, Winter Garden, FL

“Thank you VERY much. Excellent course. I've already recommended it to my writers circle in Holbrook!”

– Will Castle, New York, william*******


“Excellent website. Very impressed with the course! Thank you for piecing together such a well-written guide to the world of screenwriting. I've always wanted to give it a go. Now I've got a very real chance of success!”

– Karl Moore,


“Although I've written regular works of fiction, I've always been EXTREMELY NERVOUS about writing my screenplay. Now, with the help of your great course, I've finally managed to put together 'The Black Hole' in under a month. And using <secret website> I sent it out to a hundred companies. I've got two producers interested in optioning the script already!”

– Elliott Emerson, Prenzlau, Australia, ell*****


“James Lamberg is a tireless writer. This course is pure motivational gold! I've already written two scripts which have been optioned by a well-known London production group. I used a couple of Lamberg's marketing tips to get them noticed. I've already earned more from these two simple scripts than I've earned from five years of boring freelance writing!!”

– Andrew Casler, Rougman Hill, Bury St Edmonds, UK


“A fantastic and complete introduction to screenwriting. Please use my name on your testimonials page, I'm proud to have sat this course. I've already had three of my scripts produced by (local companies) - and I'm probably the most famous screenwriter in Florida's own Hollywood!”

– Kelly Schweter, West Park Road, Hollywood, FL


“I've read a dozen books on screenwriting and always thought I knew what I was talking about. Boy, was I wrong. I've had previous scripts land on the rejection pile and now I realize why. After applying the techniques James teaches, and visiting some of his online resources, I've just blasted my script out to the world. And I've already received interested replies from 11 agents!!”

– Mart Dominic, Frederiksberg, DK 2000, Denmark

“This guy speaks to you not as an authority, but as an equal. His ideas are REAL WORLD. Hollywood CAN be tough, but not when you follow the advice of James Lamberg. Please, put this on your testimonials page: Whatever you do, DON'T even THINK about writing your screenplay WITHOUT this course. It's CRUCIAL. NO QUESTION!”

– Tony Hall, Melz Place, Midland, TX, antho********
“I've just finished writing AUTOBAHN and have already received interest. The tips about <secret> and <secret> were CRUCIAL. My agent told me afterward that's exactly what made my manuscript stand out. Yay!”

– Amber Holbrook, S.Gold, Wichita, KS, *******
“I've spent YEARS of my LIFE in screenwriting classes, including the UCLA in Chicago. What did I learn? ZIPPO! And guess what? Two weeks after reading this course, I blasted through EVERYTHING and managed to get my screenplay sent out to the agents in your black book. This time next year... HOLLYWOOD!”

– Virginia Jackson, N.Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL, ******

“No fake promises, that's what I loved about this guide. You REALLY CAN make it BIG in Hollywood, with this information. Just follow the simple instructions from James. I did, and my first screenplay ONE THIRD OF NOTHING has been optioned already. Thank you for making my DREAMS come true, James!”

– Rich Lewington, Choudrant, LA, mrmaj********

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